We’ll restore your roof so it can protect and improve your home’s appearance.

Flat Roof Repair & Flat Roof Installation

flat roof repair
Flat roofs require more experience and skill than any other type for roof repair and roof installation.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs are prone to having standing water on them.  It’s for this reason that they are more susceptible to leaking than a roof with pitch or slope.  The key to flat roof repair is understanding exactly what type of roof materials you are working with, and designing the right correction for the existing situation.  What good are all the advantages of a flat roof system if it continues to leak? 

Flat Roof Installation

We have the knowledge and experience to install a quality flat roof system from the start so you do not end up with a faulty flat roof installation.  The key is to consider the grade or slope of not only the building but the area around the building. It is much easier to work with the natural slope of the surrounding terrain and design the roof to take advantage of that slope. That way if there is any settling of the building in the future you have two factors working for you vs. one.
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